Understanding of the website

The development of the internet in Indonesia, more and more people are familiar with the website. Website is what you visit every day on the internet.

From Google, Facebook, Twitter, CNN, Kompas, Tokopedia, Bukalapak, to Niagahoster. When you open these services on a desktop or mobile device, what you open is a website.

Even though you have interacted with the website every day, maybe many of you do not know what that website means. Through this article we will discuss about the understanding of the website along with its history, types, and benefits.

What is a Website?

Website is a collection of pages on a domain on the internet that are created with a specific purpose and are interconnected and can be accessed widely through the front page (home page) using a browser using the website URL. For example, the Niagahoster website address is https://www.sagonet.co.id, if accessed it will display a home page like the image below.

Whereas for web pages are the parts marked with a red box.

When clicked will lead to a new page in the form of information that is different from the home page.

Website History

The website was first created by Tim Berners-Lee in the late 1980s and was only officially online in 1991.

The initial goal of the Berners-Lee Team to create a website was to make it easier for researchers in their work places when they would exchange or make changes to information.

At that time, the website began to be used free of charge by the public just announced by CERN on April 30, 1993.

Website can be owned by individuals, organizations, or companies. In general, a website will display information or one specific topic, although currently many websites display a variety of information with different topics.

Website Elements

There are 3 elements that are very vital on the website. Without all these elements, your website will never be found and accessed by users on the internet. The three elements in question are:

– Domain. If the website is likened to a product, then the domain is the brand. The use of an attractive domain will make people interested in entering a website. The selection of a unique domain name also makes it easy for people to remember it for later re-visit.

– Hosting No less important than domains, hosting has the role to store all the databases (scripts, images, videos, text, etc.) needed to form a website. There are so many hosting service providers in Indonesia, one of which is Niagahoster which provides the best hosting for your website access speed.

– Content. Without content on the website, the website can be said to have no clear purpose. Content on the website can be in the form of text, images or videos. When viewed from the content that is served, there are several kinds of websites. For example, social media, news websites, buying and selling websites or websites that contain content based on interests, talents and hobbies.