Make a Free Website With This Application

The development of the Internet is very rapid and becomes a virtual community where you can get anything, including profits from the business that you run. Business success stories that started their business progress from the internet, motivated many people to do business through the internet, they apparently managed to combine opportunities both offline and online to maximize company profits.

There are various ways to create a website If you have free time, you can of course make it yourself armed with a myriad of tutorials that are spread on the internet, but if you have a limited budget and time to create a website, it never hurts if you use a free website creation application. How to create a free website, of course, does not take a lot of your time and remember this website can be finished immediately in just minutes

Free Website Builder Application

  1. Zyro
    Zyro has been used by 2 million people in the world, Zyro’s web builder uses a drag & drop system so that your website content settings are easier and shorter, although it’s free, you can choose more than 160 different templates to suit your needs, not just that’s all, if you use Zyro, you will get an SEO-Friendly website with unlimited storage and multi-language features without advertising, all of which you can get without complicated registration. All you have to do is enter, create a website with a drag & drop builder, then your website is ready to be displayed
  2. WIX
    WIX is well known by internet users in Indonesia, the company is based in Israel, in recent times because of the incessant advertising campaigns they run. Wix was only founded in 2006 but already has nearly 60 million users worldwide and continues to grow until now, previously Wix used a flash-based application for its website builder, now they have used HTML5-based website which of course has been equipped with the latest technology.

    Not only that, your website will also be accessed properly via smartphones and tablet devices such as iPad. There are more than 100 templates that you can use according to your needs, from business, photography, music, creative arts, online stores, to restaurants.
  3. WEBS
    In 2001 WEBS was founded by three brothers with the aim of helping many people penetrate the online world without advanced technical capabilities and high budgets, they wanted to make marketing for small and medium businesses simpler, not just business owners who use Webs to create websites for free. Webs can also be used by personal users and non-profit companies.

    Templates provided by Webs can be customized at will. Not just limited to making a free website, they also provide additional features that will obviously make your website more ‘alive’ like SEO Booster, social media integration, mobile websites, local listings, and the creation of online stores. In fact, you can track the traffic that enters your website using the Advanced Web Analytics facility.
  4. Google Sites
    In addition to search engines, Google apparently also includes a free website creation feature in the list of superior products. Yes, this product is called Google Sites. Initially, this service was called JotSpot and was later acquired by Google in October 2006. The purpose of this service is to help small and medium businesses in developing their business on the internet.

    After logging in on their official website, you just need to choose a template, website name, and URL. Then, your website will be ready to display. There are various templates that you can use according to the theme of your website, whether it is business, personal, non-profit, or school / educational institution